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Yeah, i'm going slightly mad. - Brett Morgan
Yeah, i'm going slightly mad.
I now have two google events that I cat herd for. I am still running the Google Wave user group (http://gwsug.eventbrite.com/ for those so inclined) and now I am also running the sydney Google Tech User Group. Somehow we managed to get Unix legend Rob Pike to speak about his new baby, the concurrency oriented Go programming language, along with Daniel Nadasi of the Maps team to talk about Closure. Last I looked we are running at about 85 rsvp's on the gtug event, which means we should have about 50 odd on the night.

In short, my brain is a little frazzled. Running after all the peeps and stuff is kinda tiring. On the upside, I may well have a job. I think. I hope so, anyways. I like earning money. Makes buying food easier. =)
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