Brett Morgan (domesticmouse) wrote,

Apple iPad.

Yes, the lines of maxiPad jokes now have wings. Now that we have that out of the way...

First off, to all of my tech focused friends who are sitting here scratching their heads about the Apple iPad, and it's total lack of any new technology, i'd just like to remind everyone of the initial iPod review by /. chief CmdrTaco: No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.

Yes, there is no ground breaking technology in the Apple iPad. That's by design. The magic of all Apple releases is that they aren't about the technology. I didn't have to scrape fifteen stickers off my laptop telling me about the graphics card, the sound card, and the motherboard chipset. Again, design.

The core market for Apple's technology isn't geeks. Microsoft, Google, et al, are all selling to geeks. That's why these companies are driven by engineers and marketing. Apple is controlled by a designer. And it freaking shows. Form follows function. Compare and contrast the iPad and the HP version of the same kit released just a couple of weeks beforehand. It's night and day. HP's is designed for geeks. It is covered in buttons, it multi-tasks, it's got sharp plasticy corners, and looks like it was put together by a ten year old.

Apple doesn't build for geeks. Never has, and it never will. If you are looking at the iPad and wondering "Why?" then you aren't Apple's target market. I will be purchasing an iPad as soon as it's available, because I'm developing for it. These bloody things are going to be everywhere.
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